Honolulu Police Sergeant Darren Cachola is now charged with misdemeanor abuse of a familiy member and two counts of harassment. 

He was released after posting $1,500 bail.

Just a few hours before he was arrested a the lawsuit was filed that raises allegations of conspiracy, gross negligence, abuse, and emotional distress all related to HPD’s handling of an incident that happened between Cachola and his wife in 2017.

According to the lawsuit, police were called to the families home in 2017 after his wife claimed Cachola strangled her. When police arrived Cachola’s wife said that officer Kevin Bailey looked at her injuries and said, “This is not good.”

She claimed officer Bailey told her the media would harass her and it would be “ugly” and “embarrassing,” if she pressed charges on Cachola.

The lawsuit alleges that Bailey and another officer told her to write the following statement: 

“I got into an argument with my husband, I have no injuries, thank you.”

Cachola was not arrested in this incident and no photographs were taken of his wife’s injuries.

This would have been three years after video surfaced of Cachola fighting with his then girlfriend at Kuni’s restaurant in Waipahu.

Charges were not filed in that case.

Police commissioner Loretta Sheehan said she could not believe when she heard the news that Cachola was again being accused of abuse.

“When an officer behaves like this, not only does he undermine confidence in the department, it encourages other people out there to think that they can do the same. And that is just so wrong on every level,” Sheehan said.

KHON: “I think any normal person would be wondering, how is it possible that an officer can continue to act this way and do these things and still remain an officer?”

“That is a great question. I don’t know. I don’t know why he still a police officer,” Sheehan said.

Cachola was arrested Wednesday and has been charged with abuse of a household member and harassment.

HPD said Cachola’s police powers will be removed and both criminal and administrative investigations have been initiated. 

In a statement Chief Susan Ballard said:

“We expect our officers to be positive examples for the community, both on and off duty, and are disappointed with the allegations regarding this officer’s conduct.”

Sheehan said she wants more transparency in the police department.

“At this point given the repeated arrests, Officer Cachola I think he’s a poster boy for more transparency in terms of disciplinary actions against officers.”

HPD said they have no comment regarding the lawsuit that was filed against Cachola.