HONOLULU (KHON2) — The number of missing person cases following the Lahaina wildfire continues to drop, according to the Maui Police Department’s weekly list of unaccounted for.

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As of Friday, Sept. 29, the number of persons unaccounted for decreased to 12 individuals — a decrease from 22 names listed in the previous week.

Over 3,200 individuals were reported unaccounted for since the beginning of that horrific day. The FBI has determined at least 2,779 of those personnel to be safe and the number of missing persons has continued to decline weekly.

As for the remaining missing personnel, MPD is asking for the public’s help to locate them.

If you recognize a name and have information on that person that may help locate them, the FBI asks that you contact them at 888-814-7693 or click here to head over to their website.

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If you would like to identify a missing person who should be added to the list, contact MPD at 808-244-6400 or email unaccounted@mpd.net to file a missing persons report.