HONOLULU (KHON2) — Don’t wait to get your Mother’s Day gifts a couple days before the special occasion, because places like restaurants and flower shops are already booked.

Customers filled Le Flowers near University Avenue looking for something special in a hurry. Some people said they planned a special day for their mothers.

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“I have it in the back of my mind what I’m going to do or get, but I’m usually more spontaneous go with the flow, see how the day pans out, and have a few plans” said Molly Bucky.

However, most people like Rickey Larkin said they think of gifts to give last minute.

“I was planning on doing some flowers but it’s kind of last-minute already and I don’t know if I can do that so we’ll see, but at least a phone call,” said Larkin.

For those last-minute shoppers, mothers said gifts like candles, soaps and gift cards to get their nails done would be nice. Also, a relaxing home-cooked dinner is what they’re looking forward to.

“I’ll normally just drop stuff off to my mom and well do something and then I’ve got my kids at home, so I just get free dinner, so I get a little bit of a break.”

Nicole Young

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Moms getting a break is one reason so many restaurants have been booked solid for weeks in advance. As the clock ticks down to May 8, moms also appreciate something more sentimental like a handmade card or lei.