Large tree crashes onto truck near Diamond Head

Local News

Diamond Head area neighbors say it felt like an earthquake.

“It sounded like a construction crew had dropped a big load of lumber and heavy supplies,” said Dick Parmen, who lives nextdoor to where a massive 40-ft tree fell Sunday morning. 

“Just a heavy boom and then some kind of grinding sound and crash. [I] jumped up, came down here and that’s what it was—that tree,” he said. 

Around 8:30 a.m., a large Poinciana tree fell onto a truck. The owner tells me he had moved his truck under the tree five minutes earlier.  He ran inside to grab his surfboard when he heard the loud sound. 

Another neighbor said he wasn’t surprised the tree fell.

“I shouldn’t say unexpected because that Poinciana tree, within last 10 years, a large chunk of it fell off,” said DeSoto Brown. 

A supervisor on scene tells me he was able to tell a portion of the tree had broken off within the last several years. He says it can cause this particular kind of tree to decay. 

This was the second vehicle hit by a tree this Labor Day weekend. 

On Friday, a large tree fell onto a car at Kanewai Park near UH Manoa.  

Last Sunday, a massive tree fell onto Pali Highway blocking two lanes of traffic. 

Later that day, three more downed trees in Oahu Cemetery. 

Brown is also on the Board at the cemetery, he says the three that fell were all shower trees and fell due to Hurricane Lane’s strong winds.

“Oahu Cemetery is very old and dates back to the 1840s. [It has] lots of aging trees on the ground and that’s the beauty of Oahu Cemetery, it’s got all these mature trees but they can be dangerous,” Brown added.

People who have concerns about trees on their property should call an arborist, they can confirm the safety, age, and health of the tree before it can cause damage. 

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