HONOLULU (KHON2) — Residents near Kapolei may see a larger than normal flare this week but officials said itʻs a safety mechanism after a shut down at Par Hawaiiʻs refinery.

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The company said an electrical system interruption caused the refinery to shut down on Sunday night.

“The inhouse fire brigade was activated as a precautionary measure” and an incident management team responded.

As a safety measure during the shutdown process, fuel was routed to the refineryʻs flare stack.

The flare stack burns off fuel and where there is an excess, it “creates a larger, visible flare.”

Par Hawaii said residents will continue to see flaring through the week as the refinery units restart.

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No injuries were reported and both HFD and the State DOH were notified.

As the cause of the electrical interruption continues, the company said it will provide updates on any impacts to the fuel supply.