HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Pineapple Festival is returning to Lanai for the first time in two years. The celebration takes place at Dole Park where there will be various food, retail and craft booths.

It will be all fun and games, but one major component is still on the table: fireworks.

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The fireworks show is the highlight of the festival, but since the cost goes up each year, it may or may not happen. The Lanai Community Association (LCA), which sponsors and organizes the festival, is holding a fundraiser to meet a $5,000 goal. The LCA is the oldest nonprofit currently operating on the island.

The festival was last held in 2019, and back then, fireworks cost $13,000. This year, it’s $20,000.

“Summer is historically a slow season for Lanai, unlike some of the other islands,” said Linda Okamoto, LCA President. “The event is a great opportunity for marketing this culturally diverse, historically rich and welcoming island and has become one of the highlights for the island residents and its visitors.”

The Pineapple Festival is a one-day event that runs from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 2. Tents are set up around the park to house food booths, crafts and educational exhibits. There is also entertainment throughout the day using a variety of local entertainers.

“We want our residents to have a chance to see local talent as well as to experience some of the talent available to other island residents,” Okamoto said. “For visitors, the entertainment provides a taste of local culture.”

Okamoto shared that many former residents come back for the festival for family get-togethers and class reunions. Many people from Maui also come over for the day.

For visitors planning to attend the festival from Maui, click here.

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In 1976, the LCA was asked to sponsor a bicentennial event in the park with fireworks. The event has continued for many years in different forms and sponsored by different organizations, evolving to become the current Pineapple Festival. It brings funds to local businesses during the low summer travel season.