HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Humane Society said over 1,300 lost pet reports have been filed since the deadly fires broke out on Aug. 8.

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“We have been able to bring back about 150 animals from Lahaina,” said Maui Humane Society’s Director of Marketing, Katie Shannon. “We’ve been able to reunite over 40 animals with owners but we have hope we’ll be able to reunite the pets with their people.”

Roman is one of the dogs who made it out, and because he was microchipped, was quickly reunited with his owners.

“He had scars on his back, his paws were scorched, but we were able to scan him and call the owners and within a few hours they were able to come and pick him up,” Shannon added.

The Maui Humane Society said, there are a lot of animals, especially cats that aren’t microchipped, so it’s sometimes unknown if it’s a community cat or someone’s pet.

“This is why microchips are so important and any animal coming to MHS from Lahaina fires will be receiving a microchip,” said Shannon.

She said the food and water around the perimeter is working and they understand human lives and finding remains comes first.

“Earlier this week on Monday night we were able to rescue seven animals from the burn zone. FEMA and certified first responders were able to hand them off to MHS and we have had them in our care and make sure they’re okay medically,” Shannon continues.

Dogs from Lahaina are being treated and cared for at the shelter and have a sign that reads “I’m from Lahaina and I’m not available for adoption, I’m still waiting on my owner to find me”.

She said dogs will be eligible for adoption after 30 days.

After 30 days we’re allowing them to go into adoption homes, but people have an additional 60 days to reclaim their pet.

“There’s going to be waivers people sign that let’s them know they’re from Lahaina,” Shannon continued.

For people displaced by the fires who have their pets but might not have pet friendly housing. she said the Hawaiian Animal Rescue Foundation is boarding animals while their humans work on housing.

She also added that Airbnb is also asking homeowners to consider allowing pets in their rentals for the time being.

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Volunteers can come anytime and help, and those who aren’t directly impacted by the fire can also stop by if they need.