HONOLULU (KHON2) — In the days immediately after the Aug. 8 fires Leo Ramelb’s Lahaina home, in an area miraculously untouched by flames, became a supply hub.

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It wasn’t planned but friends started dropping off supplies and it grew from there.

Now, more than two months later, as he and his family were starting to wind down they received a special delivery at their home.

“Yes we did from Kauai. From a from group people from Kapaa. Ben and Tracey Kahalua provided all of these goods for us. It’s a big blessing for us and our community,” said Leo Ramelb.

An entire container load of supplies from the Garden Isle with everything from food items to household necessities.

Leo describes it as a giant Costco rolling up to the house.

“If you ever need spam, you know where to get some. We have all these plus all this vienna sausage ramen cup noodles, paper towels.”

For the last two months, people have come to their kelown mauka home to grab what they need.

Now, they’re gonna do it a little differently delivering to those who were maybe too shy, or unable to visit them.

“What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna box this up that has been very very displaced and we’re going to pick all the people over that have been displaced by fires and we’re going to distribute it to them that way. We made a name list that we’re going to provide all of these goods to,” continued Ramelb.

He also said once they finish distributing these items it’ll be time to wrap it up.

“It’s been a blessing for us to receive many goods from many friends that we have met all over the nation reaching out to us, saying what we’re doing,” he added.

The giving may be coming to an end, but the caring will never stop.

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We’re blessed to be able to provide this for everybody in our community,” Ramelb said.