HONOLULU (KHON2) — We met the Sanchez-Ah Puck family just weeks after the fires destroyed their hometown of Lahaina. Amy Sanchez and Jacob Ah Puck along with their twin girls and six-year-old son Asher, with special needs, have a roof over their heads at the Royal Lahaina Resort and Bungalows. 

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Ah Puck is an employee at the resort and he said at this time they continue to search for long-term housing opportunities. 

“Doing what we’ve always done, just taking it day by day,” He said. “We are keeping an eye and an ear out for any other possible leads or other opportunities that might arise.”

A Royal Lahaina Resort and Bungalows spokesperson said the property committed all rooms to the Red Cross through at least the end of October, with no definitive date to stop providing accommodations to those in need. 

But as the family decides their next steps, there are difficult choices on the horizon. 

Sanchez said, “Asher’s story reached Houston and one of the clinics there said if you guys ever make it to Houston we would like to provide services for your son.”

Sanchez said they are considering treatment for their son at the Texas Children’s Hospital, the medical center specializing in Down syndrome and other conditions.  

Sanchez said, “See some specialists, make sure that he’s okay, as well as get more physical therapy, speech, just any services that would help him.”

The parents said medical services have become limited in West Maui ever since the fires broke out. 

Ah Puck said, “Some of them did have to leave the island due to limited work or lack of housing.”

It is the high cost and the thought of temporarily separating the family that gives them pause. They are considering having Sanchez’s parents go with Asher while Ah Puck works and Sanchez looks after the twins.

They are hopeful more specialized treatment for Asher will continue to open near their home, but they want to do what is best for their children. 

Ah Puck said,  “Anything that would benefit him, in the long run, is definitely worth at least investigating just to see what other opportunities are out there for him.”

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The Sanchez-Ah Puck ohana has set up an online fundraiser to help them get through this tough time, click here to help.