The cycle of life: physical therapist strengthens father

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When you’re a caregiver, you know that everyday you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. Julie Moon, owner of Moon Physical Therapy, knows all about this.

“In the healthcare field we know that this is the cycle of life, that you’re going to be taking care of your parents and they’re going to be needing you,” says Julie Moon.

Julie’s father, retired Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court Ronald Moon, needed her help after he suffered a back injury in 2010.

“He basically does the water therapy because of his condition. To see that smile on his face when he’s actually able to run in the water, something that he wouldn’t be able to do on land because of balance and pain, it’s really everything just to see that,” says Moon.

“It’s really been helpful and it’s gotten my strength back, my ability to walk again, it’s been perfect,” says Judge Moon.

Julie says at times, it’s tough to get her father in for physical therapy sessions because he’s such a independent person. In fact, Judge Moon recently celebrated his 79th birthday and he continues to be involved with non profit organizations and the church.

“I was really inspired by his work ethic growing up and his service to the community but he’s mellowed out at his old age,” says Moon laughing.

“I think it’s more meaningful for me, because of the closeness that we have found is very satisfying to me. She’s really blossomed fine young lady,” says Judge Moon.

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