(KHON2) — “She takes good care of me and she does everything for me,” said Mildred Oba.

Susan Takamune has been caring for mom who suffered an accident in 2018.

“My mom had fallen in 2018 and broke her hip. She became a very angry and frustrated person because she couldn’t do the things that she used to do,” says Takamune.

Despite having a part-time caregiver, it was challenging for Takamune, a mother of two.

“You know caregivers would quit or she would fire them. I would get a call and the caregiver would call me at work and I’m like what? I was in tears every single day like 10 times a day and it was so hard,” says Takamune.

The pandemic caused even more obstacles, but Watanabe Floral purchased a computer for Takamune that allowed her to work from home.

“I would go in after I would feed her lunch but then i would have to stay late until 7, 8 o’clock to finish my work. Now I can get up, make her breakfast, go downstairs, start working and come upstairs and make her lunch and still listen. So yes, it’s a true, big blessing. It’s awesome. I feel so grateful for this,” says Takamune.

She’s also grateful that Watanabe Floral allows her to bring leftover flowers home to mom.

“Having the flowers is like so happy. it makes her so happy and less grumpy. It’s a good thing,” laughs Takamune.

“She knows how much I love flowers. And when we go, it’s only memories that are left behind. One of the memories that I will be leaving is the flowers that she brings home or the flowers that she picks from our yard and brightens the house. She takes of everything for me so I don’t have to think,” says Oba.

“What a life huh,” laughs Takamune.