HONOLULU (KHON2) — At 99-years-young – Shizue Ishihara continues to live life.

When KHON2 first met her in 2019, her three daughters — Linda, Sandi, and Eileen — took Mom to all kinds of activities.

“Well, the holoholoing did not go very far because she needs to be quarantined. So that’s pretty hard,” said Kupuna Caregiver Sandi Shibata.

The three daughters have made it work during the pandemic – saying communication is key.

“Initially, it was really difficult,” said Kupuna Caregiver Linda Oka. We had our challenges because we really weren’t on the same page. So it took us several weeks to talk it out in discussions, sometimes heated, but finally coming to terms on the same page.”

And they had to be on schedule because Mom was recently released from the hospital.

“We needed to be super vigilant because at 99, my mom is in the high risk group,” said Oka.

But they continue to keep Mom busy.

Shibata says, ” She likes to do jigsaw puzzles, she likes to sing karaoke. She likes to be around people but the most important thing is, she loves to eat.”

When we asked Shibata what Mom likes to eat, she said, “Everything and anything.”

“So here, she is in a wheelchair. I’m pushing her,” said Kupuna Caregiver Eileen Clarke. “We both have masks, she holds on to princess, I hold Dutchess the Bulldog and I know we make a really strange family walking around whole foods in the Kakaako area.”

“The good thing is I have a lanai, so she goes out there and she says good morning to the world and says how beautiful Hawaii is and this is the best place to live,” said Shibata.