Kupuna Caregiver: Mom embracing technology

Kupuna Caregiver

“The iPad was a gift for mom so that she can plays games, look at pictures and knows her schedule,” says son Andy Low.

Andy Low got the idea to use technology through his support group to facilitate in the care for his mother Gloria, a retired nurse who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

“A lot of times she won’t remember going to the doctor or talking about a specific issue. So I would video tape it on the iPad so she has access to it and can view it whenever she wants and she knows that I’m not lying to her,” says Low.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never used one before but I can learn,” says mom Gloria Low.

“It provides me with a little more time to do other things rather than continue to explain the same situation but it’s not her fault. That’s the hard part about the disease. We can’t bring her into our reality because her reality is that she can’t remember and so we have to go to their reality,” says Low.

Andy decided to move back home six years ago from Big Bear, California to care for his parents.

“My two sons both graduated and were off to do other things and I was divorced so I didn’t have anything holding me there,” says Low.

Andy says his favorite memory of mom growing up,”Her cooking, she used to cook a lot and so she taught me how to cook.”

And Andy makes a tasty banana bread.

“Oh, it’s very good,” says mom.

“She appreciates everything that I do for her. You know sometimes it may not be fast enough or the way that she wanted me to do it, but I’m sure that she appreciates everything that I do,” says Low.

And mom really likes playing video poker on the iPad.

“Yeah it’s fun, but I’d still rather go to Las Vegas,” laughs mom.

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