HONOLULU (KHON2) — She’s retired but continues to follow her passion in helping others. Lani Almanza started Alakai Associates in memory of her son Jacob, while providing self-care to those in need.

“It’s called the neck pull and you simply grab right at the base of your spine/skull, and you pull down towards the collar bone,” explains Lani Almanza, Kupuna Caregiver.

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Almanza offers simple, self-care tips to caregivers.

“Start by the pad at your thumb, put as much pressure as you want there and you move up this way across you knuckles and joints and just pull off on each fingertip,” says Almanza.

Almanza understands the stress being a caregiver herself to her youngest son Jacob, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 19 years old.

“One of my fondest memories is that he was very conscientious about protecting the green sea turtle, our honu,” says Almanza.

Jacob lost his battle a few years later. Amanza admits it was difficult to let go.

“Until you start to release and let go of all the expectations of that person’s life, cause that’s what you’re going to be grieving is what you saw for the future. And that was when our family’s greatest spiritual awareness came. We started to realize that physically we’re letting go, but his spirit and presence makes it known that he’s still around,” says Almanza.

The family feels his spirit, especially in the water.

“Well certainly when we’re in the ocean invariably a honu will come around. I have my honu pendant that is a mama with my four kids and now I have four grandchildren. That’s one of our biggest signs is when a honu is around. Other times when my grandchildren take on the aspect of his personality, it lets me know that he lives on,” says Almanza.

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Even though Almaza is technically retired, she continues to guide others at Alakai Associates in memory of Jacob.

“No, I retired from one job so I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want and where I want,” laughs Almanza.

For more information go to, www.alakaiassociates.com.