Kupuna Caregiver: Her husband, the sunshine of her life

Kupuna Caregiver

Pedro Factora has always had a passion for music since his days at Hilo High School when he played the drums, and he’s been playing music ever since.

“He played with Nancy and Teddy Tanaka in Las Vegas, with Melvin Leed, Carole Kai and other local entertainers,” says wife Siri Tsuda.

But Alzheimer’s has robbed Pedro of those memories, which is why his wife Siri brings him to the Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center.

“We started doing the harmonica in class and it’s a good variation and a well rounded instrument that goes with the ukulele. The main thing is that he’s engaged,” says Tsuda.

Siri encourages all caregivers to seek help early on and to follow their passion.

“I love Sundays,” says Siri, a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. “Nobody is supposed to call me. We’ve been to two Super Bowls so I feel like a real fan,” says Tsuda.

Siri loves her Cowboys as much as she loves to dance hula.

“I came to this realization that even if i’m 49, let’s just try it,” says Tsuda.

Siri has battled her own health problems, fighting off ovarian cancer three times.

“It is all from God. I cannot do this on my own. I don’t think i could do this walk without him. It’s hard but also satisfying at the same time because I get things from my husband that says thank you. When he gets mad at me or seems unappreciative, that’s where love takes over,” says Tsuda.

“I’m his wife, I’m his spokesman, I’m his advocate, I’m his friend. Through the three times of ovarian cancer, he was there for me. He would never sleep at home when I was in the hospital, he would sleep on the chair right besides me and that’s how it always was. And now, it’s my turn,” says Tsuda.

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