HONOLULU (KHON2) — “They loved life! Everybody loved them and it’s really sad when this Alzheimer’s disease took away their memory,” says Cathy Cummings.

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Cathy Cummings will be participating in the walk for the very first time after losing both parents to Alzheimer’s. Her dad in 2014. Her mom this past January.

“I just thought with everything that I’ve gone through, I wanted to go and share with other people and meet up at this big event. That’s why i’m walking,” says Cummings.

It’s also to honor mom and dad.

“It was hard because I was daddy’s girl. It was hard. He was always positive even though he had this disease. He was always a happy person. You still treat them with dignity. They still have their pride. My mom and dad still had their pride but they weren’t able to do anything for themselves,” says Cummings.     

After mom passed away in January, Cummings was able to focus on her well-being. From riding a bike to work, to spending more time with her husband and daughter.

“I was very fortunate to have my husband who drove my mom around. We called him our taxi, our Uber. He would cook for my mom and they had they own little hand signs that they did to each other. And also my daughter, who helped us when it was time to care for her needs. You have to have that support from other people and just know that you’re doing your best. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid that it’s something you have to hide. Go and get help to help your family members or whoever you’re taking care of,” says Cummings.

If you want to sign up or donate to the Walk To End Alzheimer’s on Oahu on November 7th, click here.

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