HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Fire Department responds to many calls for our kupuna, from medical issues to cooking fires.

“It’s mainly medical but once in a while it’s fires because they still like to cook but they forget that they’re cooking. But caregivers, they sell these things where they can limit or lock the stove so you can’t cook at night,” says HFD Captain Cris Bartolome.

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Captain Cris Bartolome also advises against hoarding and to declutter your home that can be filled with magazines, newspapers and containers blocking hallways which is a fire hazard.

“So, I always give them this example. They call 911 but they’re in the back room. To get to the back room, you got to move all this stuff and that’s seconds, right? Seconds count when it comes to medical or cardiac arrest,” say Capt. Bartolome.

Doing yard work can also be dangerous.

“We’ve been to a few where they still think they’re young. They go outside and try to trim their bushes or plants and fall off the ladder. They break their bones easily or they just slip and fall,” says Capt. Bartolome.

Also, don’t forget to test your smoke alarms once a month.

“That’s your first line of defense, that’s your early detection. Kupuna move slower so they need as much time as possible to get out,” says Capt. Bartolome.

For more kupuna fire and life safety tips, visit the Honolulu Fire Department’s website.