HONOLULU (KHON2) — Caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming and caregiver burnout is a common occurrence so Elder Care 808 provided some advice on how to manage the stress.

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“I think it started when I was younger, much younger, and working and always seemed to gravitate towards older people,” said Emelyn Kim from Elder Care 808.

Kim started Elder Care 808 in 2007 to help family caregivers navigate the challenges associated with the aging process.

“It kind of is in our culture, you know, that caregiving is really a part of how we live in Hawaii,” said Kim.

KHON2 News asked what are some tips you can suggest to caregivers on how to manage stress.

“I would tell them to really stop and look inward at themselves,” said Kim. “I call it mindfulness, to be in the moment.”

“You need to be centered, be calm within yourself,” continued Kim. “And one way to do it is just take a deep breath. What it does — it brings attention back to yourself.”

Another suggestion — planning ahead.

“Planning ahead like, you know, every day mom says ‘I’m hungry, when’s lunch?’ And she’ll say that many, many times because she’s forgetting. And so it’s very irritating to the caregiver,” said Kim. “Plan ahead by being creative. And say ‘OK, here’s a little bit of carrots or little vegetables or finger food.'”

Kim said caregiving is a role that everyone will experience. You will either be a caregiver or will need a caregiver at some point in your life. Understanding how to manage this is important for you and your loved ones.

And Kim said it’s also important to understand it’s OK to ask for help.

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