Kupuna Caregiver: Dedicated son who takes his mom to dim sum

Kupuna Caregiver

This morning we honor a caregiver who is a dedicated son with a support group of his own. Kalfred Wong knows how to make mom smile especially for dim sum Thursday.

“You like have dim sum? See how she wakes up for dim sum Thursday,” chuckles Wong.

Kalfred Wong has been taking care of his mother Thelma Wong since 2012 after his father passed away.

“My dad told me one night around one o’clock in the morning just before he passed that he wants me to watch mom, so I’m doing it,” says Wong.

Kalfred says growing up, mom was always there taking care of the family.

“Very caring, she drove us to school and picked us up from school, drove us to the libraries. She was always there for us so now I’m there for her. It’s payback,” says Wong.

Kalfred takes his mom to do tai chee twice a week and the Chinese Cultural Club one a week at the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center.

“A lot of her friends say you have a good son. Yes because I have nothing else to do. I have friends but taking care of her is more important to me,” says Wong.

What’s also important to Kalfred is his cat Peter Girl.

“It’s good to have a cat. An animal helps you and the person you’re watching because it relieves the stress. She’s very important to me, she keeps me sane because it’s hard with someone with dementia. It’s getting worse and stressing me out so I get to see her pick her up and hug her,” says Wong.

And Peter Girl is also there for Kalfred’s mom.

“Yeah she pets him. He sleeps here, sleeps up there while my mom sleeps there and rests during the day time. And she sees him, she pets him.Cats are easy to take care of. No bathing, they bathe themselves,” says Wong.

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