HONOLULU (KHON2) — When we first met Owen and Jan Tamamoto, they were always playing pickle ball. But the pandemic left them staying at home, caring for Jan’s 97-year old-mother and their four grandkids. 

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“What helped us through the stress was to find some humor and laugh at some of the things that was happening. When we could do that, then it changed our viewpoint, our outlook and we enjoyed our time more,” says Owen.

“But having the kids was also stress relief because they can do really funny things,” laughs Jan.
To help relieve the stress, the couple got creative.

“When we couldn’t go anywhere, what we did was Owen drew a line on the garage wall and would use it as a backboard. Then we got creative and we took out our net and made a mini net in the garage and drew a mini court. We would practice in the garage and it was a lot of fun doing that. It’s stress relief because when you play it’s all about getting it over and trying to whoop the other guy,” laughs Jan.

The fun continued when they got their 7-year-old and 5-year-old grandkids involved.

“We got them to play a little bit but it was a lot of chaos. One of them starting to enjoy it,” says Own.

“And then it turned out to see who can hit Papa with the ball,” says Jan.

“Find ways to laugh, find humor as crazy as it sounds. That helps to relieve the stress, and enjoy your day,” says Owen.

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