“CareSift was just a website in the beginning. We thought families would sift through their own care options and that’s how we came up with the name CareSift,” says Nicole Coglietta, CareSift Co-Founder and CEO.

Nicole Coglietta started CareSift 7 years ago after experiencing a family emergency when her grandfather had to be medivacked from the Big Island to Oahu.

“It was hard. I as a medical social worker really struggled. I had 24 hours. I drove around from place to place. At the time there was little to no information on these long-term care resources online. And when you’re in crisis, even if there were information online, you don’t have unlimited hours to spend on the computer researching all these different types of care,” says Coglietta.

Long-term care options can be overwhelming from home care, assisted living, to skilled nursing facilities. But Coglietta and her CareSift team will guide you through the options based on your needs and budget. Plus, there is no charge for their service.

“If they don’t know what their level of care is, they don’t know what type of resources are appropriate to them, they don’t know where to turn, I would really love them to call CareSift because we don’t want anyone left in the dark. We want them to make informed decisions on care and we want to help them research those options. We’re paid and supported by the care providers Statewide, so our services are free to seniors and families that need assistance in researching these options. You know, I don’t want anyone to struggle like we did when we had to find care for my grandfather,” says Coglietta.

Coglietta also stresses to plan ahead with your loved ones.

“It may start with you know mom, dad I know you want to live at home forever and that’s what we want too but if your care needs ever exceed what we can provide in the home, what type of care would you want. And how are we going to pay for the costs of care. What are our resources, how do we plan to pay for this? I think as a community as a whole if we start having those difficult conversations it would help everyone,” says Coglietta.

For more information on CareSift, visit https://caresift.com/