HONOLULU (KHON2) — Say hello to Molly and Cooper, two rescue dogs adopted by Joe and Cathy Matsuno.

“My dogs actually mean everything to us. They’re family members, not pets,” says Cathy Matsuno, owner of Molly and Cooper.

They also provide unconditional support, and they never get mad you.

“A dog is unique in that it senses your moods. If you’re down, it will come over and put their chin on your leg. If you’re crying, it will lick your tears. It just connects with your emotionally and in your soul,” says Matsuno.

Cathy, a retired school teacher, volunteers as an Adoption & Foster Coordinator at the Fur-Angel Foundation where the Matsuno’s fell in love with Molly and Cooper.

“When our adult children and grandchildren decided to live on the mainland, it was like there was no life, no activity in the house. I don’t want to sit in front of the television. The dogs keep you busy,” says Matsuno.

Cooper keeps everyone busy because he’s still a puppy with tons of energy. While Molly takes Joe on their daily walks.

“So they’re both getting fresh air, they’re both getting exercise, Doctors have told us even petting your dog lowers your blood pressure,” says Matsuno.

That exercise has done wonders for Joe who is battling stage four lung cancer.

“His oncologist is amazed. He only had chemo the first year after diagnosis, and that was five years ago. He’s not on oxygen, he’s not bed ridden, and he doesn’t need any pain medication. so we don’t know what’s keeping him going. Maybe it’s the dogs, who knows, but we’re grateful,” says Matsuno.
Matsuno recommends anyone looking for companionship to adopt a rescue.

“If I had a bigger house, I’d have more dogs. I definitely would. It’s good for a person especially for a retiree who may not get out much socially. Especially since COVID and having to remain at home and somewhat isolated,” says Matsuno.

If you want to adopt a rescue at the Fur-Angel Foundation, click here.