HONOLULU (KHON2) — “Taking her to St. Francis was a life changer for myself and my mom,” says Hilby Chinen.

Hilby Chinen decided during last year’s shutdown that since she couldn’t go to work as a hairdresser, she would take care of her 93-year-old mother. “I thought I could do it and take care of her by myself since I’m going to be home anyway. But as the weeks went by, I could see her health declining. There was no mental stimulation,” says Chinen.

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That’s when Chinen decided to take mom to the St. Francis Adult Day Center at Diamond Head.
“I could see her health changing. I could see she had more stimulation, she could talk to other people, do crafts, and had hot meals to eat with other people,” says Chinen.

Chinen was also busy taking care of her two children and clients, who she considers family and an outlet to talk to.

“It helps to talk to them. We take care of each other and we listen to each other. Sometimes you just want to vent,” laughs Chinen.

She also offered this advice.

“When you find yourself losing your temper or raising your voice, you need to step back and evaluate the situation. Your parents are who they are. I would recommend sending them to an adult care because they’ll be taken care of and are much happier. I’m sure they appreciate that you’re not yelling at them. Plus, they don’t want to be a burden to you. Also, when they come home, they have something to say and talk about,” says Chinen.