Hair stylist leaves glamour of LA to return home for mom

Kupuna Caregiver

Mark Ida is the Edward Scissorhands of hair styling. The family opened up a salon called Hairoshima when they lived in Gardena, California.

“My mom actually started the salon there and I was the janitor and I worked my way up. I went to beauty school, I got my license and studied in Japan. And she eventually opened up the first crack seed store in the mainland,” says Mark Ida.

And living in Los Angeles had its perks.     

“Los Angeles has got a lot to offer. Laker games, Hollywood and all that, it was awesome,” smiled Ida.

But Mark knew that he had to plan for the future when his mother moved back to Hawaii.

“I tried to plan ahead and sell my house when the market was high and liquidate things over time. My goal was to get here a little after the millenium and I ended up being here around 2004 so it all worked out,” says Ida.

“He is so good that every appointment I have, I just go and sit because he knows every detail. All told, I’ve had 24 surgeries so I can’t remember everything,” says Ida’s mother. 

Mark cooks three meals a day for his mother and takes her to all of her appointments.

“I got my cigars and Netflix to decompress. I give her a massage once in a while, do her physical therapy and just keeping up with all the doctors appointments is a full time job,” says Ida.

“People rave about how great he is and the way he acts towards me but I say sure, it’s the way I raised him and I tell them that it’s a payback time,” laughs Ida’s mother.

“I think she deserves it. We go out to eat and it’s infallible that someone will come up to us and tell her what a great son she has and how you’re interacting with her. I’m always curious about that because nobody goes up to a parent and says hey, you treat your child really well and that’s awesome. I think it should be a normal course of action and I don’t think it’s anything special. I think it’s just the way it should be,” says Ida.

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