Couple continues to open their hearts to kupuna

Kupuna Caregiver

It’s spa day for the kupuna at Hulu Makua Senior Day Care. Les Murata has been putting smiles on the faces of these kupuna and continues to make a difference.

“It brings me gratification because I’m taking care a lot of these seniors that cannot take care of themselves. A lot of them are at day care so this is why I think if I do this, this is tremendous gratification to me,” smiles Murata.

Les Murata has always had the drive to give. He took care of his in-laws and after retiring as Vice President of the Hawaii Youth Symphony in 2017, his doctor told him to keep busy.

“I decided why not you know. So once a month I take them out to excursions. We go to a lot of different places from the Mission Houses, Queen Emma Summer Palace, Army Museum, and last week we took them to Menehune Mac to make some chocolates and today we’re at HCC doing their hands and nails,” says Murata.

“That’s typical Les. People that know him know that he’s a go getter. When he wants to do it, he’s going to do it no matter how much work it takes or how tired he is, he just keeps on going and going and going,” says wife Wanda Murata.

Murata’s wife Wanda, along with friends Delbert and Gale Nakaoka, joined in on the fun as well.

“My wife Wanda, she’s a godsend you know. Without her, it would be difficult for me to do this. She retired a year ago and now she’s doing it with me full time and taking them out to excursions and having fun with me and she enjoys it too,” smiles Murata.

“It was not even a question, I’m going to help. It was just what we did all our lives, helping volunteer our services to a lot of things, when the kids were growing up, from elementary to high school,” says Wanda Murata.

“But the seniors enjoy this you know. We get resistance at the beginning because they don’t want to leave, they don’t want to be out of their cubby hole at the day care, and that’s what they want. But once we’re on the road and once we’re doing the project or excursion, they love it. They love it and they are all so happy. When we leave, they’re always thanking us, thank you very much, thank you,” smiles Murata.

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