Kona family searching for late son’s toy truck that was accidentally sold

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KONA, Hawaii Island (KHON2) – A mother in Kona is searching for her late son’s toy after it was accidentally sold at a moving sale.

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The family says the truck symbolizes much more to them than just a toy.

Autumn Hubbs’ daughters and nephew were in charge of the cash register at the moving sale at their Kona home last weekend. The day was hectic, but then she realized one of her prize possessions was gone.

“I asked the kids, ‘did you sell the Thunder’s truck?’ They were like, ‘I don’t remember, we were selling so many things,’ then I realized that it had gotten sold,” said Autumn Hubbs.

Hubbs’ late son, Thunder, died about a year and a half ago. She says the toy truck was one of the last things she gave him.

“I had a plan to take it with me and put a plant in it. So I could just remember the gift of him and the gift of his life. It was going to be something special that I could put out in the yard and just think of him when I see it and just the joy that he brought to our family.”

The Hawaii Island native took to social media in search of the truck, hoping it would turn up.

“I was just very upset the day that I found it was gone. But by the end of the day with all the people saying so many sweet things and just being so supportive and sharing and trying to help find it. I was moved that this community is so sweet and special to me.”

Many people near and far, have even offered to give Hubbs their own children’s trucks.

“Then I thought how cute it would be to take the trucks that were offered and do like a little Tonka truck garden.”

Hubbs hopes to be reunited with Thunder’s truck, but the aloha from the community has become a silver lining.

To contact Hubbs about the missing toy truck, visit her Facebook page.

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