HONOLULU (KHON2) — The iconic staple in many Korean meals — kimchi — was celebrated in the inaugural “kimchi day festival”.

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The fermented favorite had many vendors at the event putting their own spin on it.

Attendees could partake in the delicious eats that included kimchi pancakes, mandoo, pork belly and more!

The event took place at Makiki District Park all day.

The event also commemorated the establishment of “kimchi Day” in Hawaii and the long history of Korean culture in the islands.

“this is just a fantastic opportunity to really celebrate Palauan culture not only to the people of Hawaii but at the east west center which brings so many people from around the world to visit to get a taste of Palau and our rich cultural heritage,” said Surangel Whipps Jr. President of Palau.

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“It’s the creation of the Palau islands and I kind of depicted it as the guap was under water and half is above water. they wanted something on environment and climate change,” added Ling Inabo, an artist-in-residence.