Key reminders for Hawaii drivers during busy, party-filled holiday season

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Hawaii drivers urged to use caution during busy, party-filled holiday season

Recent studies show Hawaii drivers are making some big mistakes when they get behind the wheel.

Government data shows last year, 34 percent of deadly accidents in Hawaii involved drunk drivers.

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Hawaii residents are the likeliest of any state to drive drunk.

It’s a dubious distinction we shouldn’t be proud of, and authorities are doing their best to change it.

Police around the state will be conducting sobriety checkpoints throughout the holidays. If you’re caught driving drunk, you’ll be arrested, could have your license revoked, or even face jail time.

But drunk driving isn’t the only risky behavior for Hawaii drivers.

In 2013, a survey ranked Hawaii second in the nation when it came to the number of drivers who reported falling asleep behind the wheel.

It might not sound as bad as drunk driving, but drowsy driving can be just as deadly.

In 2011, Honolulu police officer Eric Fontes was killed after he was struck by a car driven by James Dorsey, who claimed he fell asleep behind the wheel.

So if you’ve been drinking or are feeling a little sleepy after your holiday party, don’t drive. Call a cab or a friend instead.

It might mess up your plans, but it will save lives.

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