Mental Health Month was created to create awareness about mental health. Doctor Rupal Gohil joins the KHON2 news team on KHII to talk more about it. 

This year’s theme is expanding on last year’s theme of #4mind4body, which means that the approach to mental health should be all encompassing.

It’s as important to take care of our minds as much as our bodies.

This month’s campaign serves as a great reminder for this.

Almost 20% of Americans suffer from mental health issues. It’s easy to forget that 100% of people have mental health that we must look after. People’s mental and physical health are dependent on one another.

Poor physical health can lead to mental health issues and vice versa.

Here are Dr. Gohil’s suggestions:

  • Mental Health check in with yourself and with your loved ones How am I feeling? And if you answer that question with answers: stressed, unhappy, depressed, then ask yourself why? Try to identify the reasons why you may be feeling a certain way.
  • Identify your stresses, we all have stress. It can be related to work, family, friends, finances, all of the above. The first step to managing stress is to identify what it is that is causing that stress. Figuring out ways to either manage or balance your stress as this can lead to both mental of physical ailments.
  • Talk about it. We are getting better at this and breaking down the stigma of mental health issues. Open up to your trusted friends and loved ones, there’s no one out there who would love to help you more. There is strength in speaking about mental health. In the same way, being an ear and support for your friends and family. Social connections and spending time with friends and
  • Make healthy choices and stay active diet and exercise, what we put in our bodies can affect the way we feel. If you put bad fuel into your car, it won’t run as well. In the same way if we are fueling our bodies with junk foods, our bodies won’t run as well.
  • Find  something new to learn. Everyone has different interests but there’s always something more you could learn. Learning a new skill can be fulfilling and gives us confidence in ourselves. So if there’s a cooking class you’ve wanted to take, a musical instrument you’d like to learn, or something as simple as learning to change the oil in your car. Go do it!