WAIKIKI (Hawaii) — How often do you think about sustainability, like reusing soap bottles and limiting the amount of plastic in our ocean?

Jillian Corn and Hunter Long opened, not just one, but two shops on Oahu selling sustainable and reusable items to the community.

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Their sustainable, eco-friendly store is called ‘Keep it Simple Honolulu.’ Corn, co-owner of Keep it Simple, said she wanted to open the door to sustainability to both locals and tourists.

“Tourism is obviously a giant waster, as well; so if we could create eco products for tourists, as well as the local community here in Waikiki, we thought it was a really great opportunity that we couldn’t pass up,” explained Corn.

This is their second shop located in Waikiki next to P.F. Changs. Corn said their first location in Kaimuki was a big hit amongst the locals, and they wanted to branch out. 

Corn said they will be selling different sustainable items and scents at the two different stores. She said at their newest location, they are advertising a lot more Hawaii-made products. 

“Candles, jewelry, Turkish towels — basically everything that is eco-friendly but also made in Hawaii. That’s what we are really focusing on — made in Hawaii,” added Corn. 

Hunter Long, co-owner of Keep it Simple, said everyone can take little steps to be more sustainable, and they are always looking for new ideas to incorporate into their store.

“This is like a really new concept for people — even people who are into it,” Long said. “So, it’s kind of like a different way to shop. You kind of have to get used to it. But it’s super easy and try to make it really simple for people, just like the name, keep it simple.”

Getting down to basics and offering everyday use products is how they were able to open a second shop.

Along with making sure their products are affordable for every price budget, along with refillable stations at both of their locations. 

“I think to just try to start small, like refilling your hand soap and refilling your laundry soap,” said Long. “It’s just like one switch at a time; it doesn’t get you overwhelmed, it gets you excited.”

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Both Corn and Long said they are getting excited about reducing the plastic waste one bottle at a time.