First, it was Katherine Kealoha agreeing to a plea deal, now her former police chief husband Louis, who has filed for divorce, finalized his own plea deal Monday afternoon.

Louis’ attorney, Rustam Barbee, said as part of his agreement, Louis will plead guilty to one bank fraud charge which dealt with defrauding Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union.

According to court documents, the couple took out a mortgage on their home for $150,000.

In June 2012, Katherine forged a lease agreement making it look like they were receiving a monthly rental income.

In July 2012, the couple made up a loan application and received over $2,700 a month in income.

Barbee said it’s unclear how much time Louis will face with the plea deal. He said it could be anywhere between three and eight years.

Katherine’s attorney said last week that prosecutors are willing to recommend an eight to 11-year sentence behind bars for all three cases.

Legal experts say Katherine will have to disclose enough facts to satisfy the judge and show that she’s taking responsibility for the charges in court on Tuesday.

“Now, it might not be every detail that answers every question out there. For example, we may or may not know who Allison Wong is and if she was Allison Wong,” said legal expert Doug Chin.

“She will give enough detail to give responsibility for the bank fraud, as well as a drug charge, or else the court isn’t going to accept the plea agreement,” he explained.

However, in the end, it’s up to the judge to decide on a sentence.

“Whenever someone pleads guilty in federal court they are ultimately putting themselves in the mercy of the judge,” he said.

“Although the likelihood of a judge moving out of the window that’s being proposed by both sides is probably a narrow window.”