HONOLULU (KHON2) — More than three years after their convictions for conspiracy surrounding an attempt to frame an uncle in a family financial dispute, victims of Katherine and Louis Kealoha have finally begun receiving restitution payments.

Katherine’s uncle, Gerard Puana, and the estate of her deceased grandmother Florence Puana are owed a combined $360,000. Their attorney said the wait has been far too long.

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“My understanding was that from the time that Louis Kealoha went to prison, which was back in July of last year 2021, that the court has been receiving his pension payments in the amount of $7,000 a month,” attorney Eric Seitz told KHON2. “We’re led to believe that now that the checks started that they should be coming in those amounts each month.”

He said they have received four checks in recent weeks, totaling a combined $7,500 so far. This is just restitution, not damages. A civil case against the Kealohas and the city is scheduled to go to trial in February, after more than six years.

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Separately, Louis Kealoha owes the city a quarter-million dollars in payback on a severance payment he received to leave office prior to his conviction. A city spokesperson told KHON2: “Louis Kealoha has not repaid the $250,000. A lien has been filed on his personal property and the City continues to search for any assets he may have.”