HONOLULU (KHON2) — Cyril Derreumaux is finally giving it his best shot on Tuesday to journey across 2,400 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean. He’s spent the last four years preparing for his biggest adventure — and second attempt — to paddle solo from California to Hawaii.

“Weather is looking great for departure for the next three days, so that’s exactly what I was waiting for,” Derreumaux told KHON2 on Monday.

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The 45-year-old father of two shared that there’s nothing that can prepare you to handle 14-foot waves in 35-knots of winds on a 23-foot kayak, other than just doing it.

“You can read all the books you want, you can talk to all the people that have done it before, you can listen to all the podcast you want, you can even have done it before as a team, there is nothing that will prepare you for what’s actually coming other than living through it,” Derreumaux told KHON2 back in May. “That’s called experience, and it’s as raw as it gets, believe me.”

And Derreumaux has that experience under his belt. In 2021, he tried to take on the 70-day journey but was rescued six days after he set off. Technical issues and limitations cut his adventure short, but this time around, Derreumaux knows what to do differently.

Following his first attempt and training runs, Derreumaux has made constant improvements, which include modifications to the same ocean kayak he used last time. He’s even installed a satellite communication system with an external antenna, which will enable him to make phone calls and emails from inside the cabin.

“I like to push my own boundaries and live all the experiences that I dare to dream for myself,” Derreumaux said. “Each year, I took on a higher challenge, pushing my own limits and enjoying the process and the results along the way.”

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Derreumaux knows the journey is going to be “terribly hard,” but he will do his absolute best to make it a success. Click here to follow his journey.