Kauai police advise the public to beware scams, especially during the holidays

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A Hawaii woman was among dozens around the world scammed via online dating activity.

KAUAI (KHON2) — Due to recent scam alerts, the Kauai Police Department is reminding residents and businesses to be aware of potential scams, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

A recent report was made of a suspicious person knocking on a resident’s door and impersonating someone from the Kauai Fire Department’s Prevention Bureau. The man claimed to be distributing fire prevention kits but did not have any on-hand. While he did not ask for money at the time, KFD has confirmed that it did not sanction the distribution of any fire kits.

“We are not aware of what the person’s motive was in the reported incident. That said, the male subject did not leave a business card and was not wearing a uniform or any official company logos, which are strong indications of a scam,” said KPD Chief Todd G. Raybuck. “Some of the offers that scammers present are enticing and the techniques they use are becoming more creative. However, as believable as they may seem or as alluring as their offer may be, never provide your personal or financial information to someone you don’t know.”

Scams can become more apparent during this time of year when many legitimate organizations participate in fundraising events for charity, so it can be tempting to participate. The holidays are also a time when scammers solicit “free money,” which can be more inviting to potential victims.

Residents are reminded to use the following scam prevention tips:

  • Do not answer or return calls from unknown numbers.
  • Be wary of suspicious payment methods.
  • Use caution when responding to unsolicited calls or e-mails, or unknown individuals on social networking sites.
  • Check your bank, credit card and phone statements regularly. If you see an unknown or unauthorized charge, immediately notify your bank or service provider. 
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Senior citizens are often targeted for scam artists as they tend to be more trusting of unknown individuals. Responsible family members should help to keep them safe.

If you suspect a scam, please call KPD at 241-1711 and file an official police report.

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