More legal trouble for Kauai Councilman Arthur Brun, who’s now been indicted for federal drug offenses.

He was one of twelve people arrested in a sting operation.

Brun faces more charges than any of the other defendants, including the most serious offenses like conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

He is charged with 10 counts of drug offenses stemming from a sting operation done by Kauai police and federal law enforcement. The indictment unsealed Thursday says Brun had a pound of methamphetamine on him when stopped by a Kauai police officer back in October. Brun is also accused of hitting the officer in that traffic stop.

The indictment says he “threw the methamphetamine out of his car window while fleeing. Unbeknownst to Brun, the Kaua’i Police Department recovered the methamphetamine.”

Records say the next day, a co-defendant called Brun looking for the drugs and he said, “Maybe was more down because I think I was around one corner when I did um, so nobody was really following me.”

Two days later, another defendant asked Brun about getting more meth. And Brun replied, “Yeah trying to get right now but nobody like give me.”

Records show Brun had also asked about getting an unregistered gun for someone described as Brun’s gunman. Brun said, “My friend coming from Oahu he like go hunt that’s why… (he’s) not going get caught I promise.”

Some have questioned if Brun should remain in office in light of his legal troubles.

“Mr. Brun should have to abide by the same laws too and we want to make sure that the people are represented and Mr. Brun is not distracted by the pending charges,” said Sandy Ma, executive director of Common Cause Hawaii.

Council Chairman Arryl Kaneshiro sent a statement saying, “No action can be taken until the criminal proceedings have run their course.”

He adds that the council can impeach Brun, but “The action, (meaning the actual wrongdoing), needs to occur in the presence of the body – during a Council meeting.”

Law enforcement officials, including the U.S. Attorney’s office, the FBI, and Homeland Security will hold a news conference Friday morning to reveal more details.