KAPOLEI, Hawaii (KHON2) — A Kapolei business owner said crime is becoming an even bigger problem as Oahu’s second city keeps growing.

It is also keeping businesses that deal with glass windows very busy.

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Mehana Snack Shop’s front door was boarded up on Friday, April 22. They were still open for business but the owner said it is not the first time his store was hit in 2022.

“Back in January 31st at 1 a.m., I got a call from an alarm company as well that stated that the, there was a motion sensor that was activated,” said Mehana Snack Shop owner Roger Rivera. His store was hit again on Friday.

Rivera said two men made off with his cash register in January, but this time was different.

“They got away with probably about 80 bags of snacks off the wall, like these here,” Rivera said as he pointed to bags on the wall.

“I wouldn’t think that ‘work, play, live Kapolei,’ would turn into ‘work, play, crime Kapolei.’
So yeah, it’s very concerning.”

Roger Rivera, Mehana Snack Shop

The cashier at Mehana is still confused about the situation.

“I’m glad they didn’t go all out and take as much as they could, but yeah, still didn’t make sense to me that they only took candy from us,” Josiah Mckeague-Chong said.

HPD’s crimemapping website shows 15 reports of crime in Kapolei since Friday, April 15. Five of those were theft/larceny cases. KHON2 stopped by Ohana Tinting to learn more about protective films; Their manager said regular tints are usually about 2 millimeters thick.

“We’ve had a few customers come in with just the basic 2 mil. and they said that their windows had been smashed, nothing was taken and they left,” Ohana Tinting Company manager Keala Faux said.

Security tinting usually run between 6 and 12 millimeters in thickness and are much better at deterring criminals than regular films.

“They’re not going to sit there for a minute trying to push a window in, they’re not going to know what’s going on,” Faux said.

These thicker films are available for flat windows; They work for businesses and car owners alike. Rivera has security cameras and is working with Honolulu police, but he and his cashier are worried about what Kapolei is becoming.

“Just because I feel like Kapolei is growing into the new, like nicer city, I feel like it’s starting to become a problem,” Mckeague-Chong said.

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Rivera filed a police report and authorities said an arrest has not been made.
HPD said anyone with information is asked to call District 8’s Burglary Theft Detail at 808-723-8423.