Kalihi man accused of killing teen claims self-defense; friend of victim recalls fatal night

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Richard Obrero will face murder charges for the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Starsky Willy on November 7. After day two of Obrero’s preliminary hearing, Judge Melanie May decided there was probable cause for his case to go to trial.

An eyewitness said he saw Obrero holding what looked like a gun and that Obrero aimed the weapon at him after he had already shot Willy. Doris Lum, Obrero’s lawyer, claimed Obrero was only defending himself.

“His life was in danger, this is a self defense claim on Mr. Obreros’ part. Mr. Obrero had a right to defend himself and his property and his loved ones,” Lum said.

Self-defense will likely be Obrero’s defense when he faces a jury of his peers.

But Obrero claimed it all began with a burglary that happened earlier that day.

“The Obreros called the police earlier and then they get another call saying that that males had returned onto their property,” Lum explained.

There is proof that police were at the Obrero’s home on Kula Kolea Drive until around 10:30P.M. investigating a burglary.

Detective Jason Malacus said one of the witnesses he interviewed stated that she noticed when police were there investigating the burglary Obrero was wearing an orange shirt. But when police arrived a half an hour later she saw Obrero wearing a bullet proof vest.

Officer Joseph Correia was the first on the scene. He said he heard objects hitting the house.

“I could hear air suppressions, what could be BB guns, and I could hear small pellets hitting the side of the house,” Correia said.

Correia said he approached the males firing the BB gun and they said their friend was shot and the man that lives in the house did it and had a gun.

When Correia asked Obrero about the gun Obrero took the loaded black 380 semi-automatic out of his pocket and gave it to him and said, “I had to protect myself.”

Patrick Pili was also there.

He described what is was like to see Willy after he’d been shot.

“At that point, I seen Starsky on the wall. He was looking like he was having a seizure. And that just messed up,” Pili said.

“Were you angry?” asked Deputy Prosecutor Ashley Tanaka.

“I was upset. Of course, if you’re going to see someone dead on a wall,” Pili explained.

Pili said he saw Obrero and asked him why.

“I said why did you shoot him? Why did you shoot my friend.”

That’s when pili says Obrero fired a gun at him.

“He aimed, so it could be a gun and right after (he aimed), there was a shot. So of course it’s a gun right,” Pili explained.

Pili said a friend then fired a BB gun at Obrero that the friend had shown Pili the previous day.

Obrero is expected back in court later this month.

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