Big changes are coming to a major intersection near Ala Moana to make way for rail. 

“HART” is planning to put a rail column in the middle of the road on Queen and Waimanu streets, along with a roundabout. 

This is the area next to South Shore Market and TJ Maxx. 

The plan is to change the current intersection of Queen and Waimanu streets to a single lane roundabout 

HART says in a statement that the roundabout will “resolve design issues associated with guideway column spacing, curved roadway approaches, and stopping sight distances.”

The “roundabout will also help to calm traffic in this area and reduce roadway crossing distances for pedestrians.”

HART says the roundabout will be the best solution to solve potential visibility issues with the addition of the Rail, compared to the traditional intersection design already in place.

The idea of a roundabout has already been discussed in a previous Neighborhood Board meeting of the area.

“They brought up the fact that the columns would create a hazard for the left turn… visually for people making that left turn. So, it just seems like good planning to me to come up with a roundabout solution,” said William Ammons, Ala Moana/Kakaako Neighborhood Board member.

Ammons says one of the main concerns of residents was if the roundabout would create more traffic congestion in the area. 

However, one resident who lives near the area doesn’t think so.

“It seems like there’s a lot of traffic over here, and the congestion could probably make use of it over here, especially in this area where three streets kind of meet,” said Mark Crowe, nearby resident.

He thinks that the traffic won’t change, but cars speeding down Queen Street will.

“It would probably help them to slow down speed as far as thats concerned because they do kind of fly by here sometimes,” said Crowe. 

Discussion on the issue will continue at the next Ala Moana and Kakaako Neighborhood board meeting, where residents will be able to ask more questions about the roundabout to a HART representative.

HART says there are no plans for additional roundabouts at this moment.