Kakaako cleanup crews take care of trash pile behind Children’s Discovery Center

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The fifth phase of the city’s enforcement in Kakaako happened Tuesday, and another block is now clear of what had been a massive homeless encampment.

The city has been sweeping the area since Sept. 8, and so far, they’ve scheduled two more sweeps Thursday and Friday.

But what about the stretch of road that leads to the Children’s Discovery Center? The city said that it has a plan for that area as well.

Most of the homeless in the area of Tuesday’s sweeps had already left by the time crews moved in.

After the sweep, there was one area that wasn’t on the schedule, but one the city decided just had to be dealt with. According to Ross Sasamura of the Department of Facilities Maintenance, “it is something that everyone is concerned about, not only children but visitors as well. We want to make sure that we portray the appropriate image to the people that we want to return. We also want to protect public health and safety.”

Crews cleaned up a massive trash pile just behind the Children’s Discovery Center. This trash just a small part of what is the largest concentration of tents in Kakaako still yet to be swept.

KHON2 asked Sasamura if this street leading to the center would be part of the sweeps. “This area will be planned for enforcement at a later date,” he said. “We’ll be announcing the next series of enforcements at the appropriate time.”

For now, families going to the Children’s Discovery Center will still see the line of tents on their way into the center’s parking lot, something Robert Becker, who spent the afternoon there with his family, said he noticed on the way.

“When I was driving in, it was a little bit weird, with all of the people outside on the road,” he said. “My wife coming alone, I don’t know if she would have come by herself if she saw that, but it was a little bit weird.”

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