HONOLULU (KHON2) — From Sandy Beach Park to Maunalua Bay, thousands of eager runners and walkers joined the the sunrise journey for some great causes.

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The annual event started with a canoe paddler’s vision to educate and have others partake in the beauty of Hawaii.

And thanks to the almost 50 years of community involvement, the land from Hanauma Bay to Makapuu is protected from development.

After a traditional Hawaiian Oli the participants hit the streets of east Oahu.

It’s a rare chance to enjoy the scenic coastline on foot with the highway closed to traffic.

It’s also an educational experience to learn more about the viewpoints and the history of the area.

Proceeds benefit the Hui Nalu Canoe Club programs and supports the mission of the Ka Iwi Coalition, Livable Hawaii Kai Hui and various East Honolulu non-profit organizations. 

There is even a one time $1,000 college scholarship to any Hui Nalu paddler who has paddled from age 12 through high school graduation and is awarded annually to all graduates who meet the criteria.

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For more information visit KaiwiCoastRun.org