Kaiser High School football season canceled after police called to campus

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Football season is over for Kaiser High School.

A letter from the school’s principal issued Tuesday announced the cancellation for both the JV and varsity teams, effective immediately.

The cancellation results in the forfeiture of scheduled JV and varsity games against Moanalua High on Sept. 22 and Waianae High on Sept. 29.

The team only played one game this year against Campbell.

Principal Justin Mew cited a “series of prevailing events and extreme concerns for student and staff safety.”

An on-campus incident that occurred Monday evening required police involvement, he said.

“This unacceptable behavior is one of a series of escalating events that has led us to this difficult decision,” Mew wrote. “The well being of our school community is a top priority and we are committed to keeping our students and staff safe.”

“Our children were pulled out of their last period of the day to have a meeting without parent knowledge,” said a parent who has a son on the team. “There’s no communication to parents, and our kids brought home this letter saying that due to escalating events, but it’s escalating because the administration at Kaiser, they’re not doing anything. They’re not trying to resolve anything.”

In a news release, the Department of Education said, “Due to a shortage of varsity football players for the 2017 season, the school tried to make accommodations for a modified season in order to participate in the Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) league.”

Officials also announced that the grand opening of the school’s new athletic facilities and renovated track and field will not take place as scheduled Wednesday “as an added safety precaution.”

The department declined to do an on-air interview, and denied us access to the campus.

We received several calls and emails from parents who are disappointed with the decision.

Parents we spoke with say the ones who are impacted the most are the seniors who can no longer play during their last year at the school.

Raymond Fujino, OIA executive director, says the decision is both disappointing and concerning.

“I feel for the school and for everyone involved, the community. Hopefully this decision was based on something beyond the controls of everyone,” he said. “I guess that’s the part I’m concerned with. Was it actually the team and the coaches? Was it coming from outside of the team? That’s the concerning part.”

Mew says scheduled homecoming activities will continue as planned.

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