HONOLULU (KHON2) — After four crashes along Harding Avenue in less than a year, Kaimukī residents are fed up and want something done to slow down drivers.

Residents reached out to KHON2 using the “Report It” feature on our website for help.

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The latest crash happened on Sept. 30 when an SUV apparently lost control and drove through someone’s yard. HPD says the driver hit two other cars and left two people seriously injured.

“The car drove right through here and hit these steps there. You see how the rail is all bent?” said Lana Hirai Gimber, a Harding Ave. resident.

Residents point out there were three other crashes in which people were seriously injured since June of last year, and there were many more close calls because of drivers going well past the 25 miles per hour limit.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone dies, it really is, someone’s going to get terribly injured and die,” said Hirai Gimber.

Gary Mizushima was rear ended as he stopped to pull into his driveway.

“My car was totaled and my son and I had concussions for about three months,” he said.

Residents say the speeding mostly happens between Kapahulu and Fifth Avenues, in part, because of the slope and drivers in a hurry to get on the freeway on ramp.

“There’s no obstruction of stops, no crosswalks, whereas if they go on Wai’alae, it’s a bigger road but they got three intersections that they gotta fight with,” said Mizushima.

Residents are urging the city to install some kind of traffic calming device, like a raised crosswalk or a roundabout. At the very least, a four-way stop sign at a couple of intersections is requested.

The city says four-way stops do not help with speeding but other options are available, like traffic delineators.

“That might be a potential solution for Harding, that we might put something on the center line that just narrows the roadway visually and encourages people to slow down a lot,” said Jon Nouchi, director of the Department of Transportation Services.

HPD says officers have been sent to monitor the area in response to residents’ complaints. The councilmember for the district is apologetic to the residents because it had been brought up to his office about a year ago, but he says something will be done.

“That’s why I’m saying I apologize if people think we’re not doing anything. But, it’s a process that is in place right now. But, we’re following through,” said Councilmember Calvin Say.

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For residents, the sooner the better. “We are in danger and we need something done. So we are looking towards our leaders to help us get something done,” said Hirai Gimber.