HONOLULU (KHON2) – As Halloween approaches, businesses are getting creative with new ways to enjoy the season’s festivities. 

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Instead of their annual Halloween event, Alexander and Baldwin is hosting a safe, contactless and socially distanced Seek & Treat Scavenger Hunt in Kailua Town.  

All you need is a smart phone, an adventurous spirit and a face mask. 

While you’re enjoying the hunt, local merchants are getting the opportunity to recoup from the pandemic. 

“The first stop is at California Pizza Kitchen in Kailua Town,” said A&B Asset Management Director Sheila-Anne Ebert. “There is a harvest stand there, which has all the instructions. It has a QR code.”  

So if you have your smart phone, all you have to do is scan that in.  

“It’ll give you a clue, a code, a riddle that will lead you to the next destination.”

There are five clues total and treat bags that await children who complete the hunt. There’s also no limit to how many times you can do this.

“So, every Monday, we are changing out the clues and riddles. So if keiki or people want to do it on a weekly basis, you’ll have a different hunt every week,” explained Ebert. “If you’re over 18, you can enter a weekly drawing to win gift cards to some of Kailua’s local retail shops.”

“You know, although these annual events and trick or treating has been canceled, by wearing our masks, making sure we stick with groups under five, same household and maintaining that six feet of socially distance, we still can have a real fun event that everyone can participate in,” Ebert continued.

The Kailua Town Seek & Treat will last until October 31, so come on down with your family and have some fun.  

For more information, head to their website at www.kailuatownhi.com.

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