Kailua Target parking lot getting pricier for non-Target shoppers

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — A new sign placed outside the Kailua Target parking lot raised concerns for residents. It said, “This location is transitioning to Flex lot paid parking.”

It also states that Target customers will get complimentary parking, but everyone else must pay.

“I was a little bit surprised to see the sign,” said Daniel Clancey, a resident. “I guess it kind of makes sense because a lot of people park wherever and walk around Kailua town.”

According to Kailua Target officials, starting on November 1, people who park in the Target parking lot but don’t shop at Target will have to start paying.

Officials say two hours of parking would be free, then every hour after that, non-Target shoppers would be charged a fee. Right now, they’re thinking the charge would be $1/hour, but the cost isn’t finalized yet. They say people would pay in pay boxes that would be set up near the entrance of the store.

Target Kailua says it will hire a third party to roam around the parking lot to ensure that people are following the new rules.

Some say this could make it harder for people driving into Kailua.

“I think it’ll probably make the parking situation in Kailua pretty difficult. It’s already tough to find parking here,” said Clancey.

Another resident believes this would make things even more pricier.

“It’s not only just within the Kailua area but its every place too. It does comes expensive,” said Puou Kunewa. “it’s another difficulty for others.”

Other residents have noted that the Target parking lot is always full, and not always from shoppers.

Target Kailua said the idea is to give more customers parking spots, especially during the holiday rush.

“My feelings is that it should [happen] because there’s not enough parking spaces for the Target people, and I had to travel a distance to find a parking spot today even,” said Denise Yess, a Kailua resident.

The new parking rules will be on display on November 1 outside the parking lot.

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