Kailua residents weigh in on new public park coming to Kailua

Local News

There’s a new public park coming to Kailua, and it will have more than just your average fields and picnic tables. It will come with the first public outdoor climbing facilities at a state park, and it will be the first dog park in Windward Oahu.

“I think a dog park is needed because we don’t really have any, and Kailua is known for their animal lovers,” said Natasha Freitas, Kailua resident. “So I think we need a place where they can bring their dogs and be comfortable all day.” 

She says she thinks pet owners will enjoy the other amenities at the park as well, including exercise space, community gardens and a playground.

“A lot of people in kailua are athletic so that would give them something to do with their pets and stuff. While the pets are playing the adults will play,” said Freitas.

Dylan Butterbaugh, another Kailua resident, says the more parks, the better.

“I can’t imagine people not wanting more parks. They’re nice beautiful areas that stay open and are for the public,” said Butterbaugh.

The park will also be co-managed with local community organizations. Work on the park will begin in the next few months.  

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