Kailua geese find a new home

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It’s a bittersweet day for Jan Cook. She’s been caring for the geese on Keolu Drive, in Enchanted Lake Kailua for over a decade.

“They are so beloved by the community and we’re just heartbroken that we can’t have them here anymore because of a decision by the landowner,” said Cook.

She’s led the charge to save them and find them a new place to live.

“We’re so grateful Kualoa Ranch offered to take them in.”

The challenge was getting them into the cages.

Claude Colton of Colton Farms took the lead.  It was a bit of a wild goose chase.

“We only have one shot because if these geese and ducks got away from us they would not want to come back here until maybe tomorrow,” said Colton.

“They are scared, but they’re going to go to loving homes.”

In the end, the four friendly fowl were safely caged.

There were originally five geese that needed to be rehomed. Onesie was rehomed a couple of weeks ago. Tuesday morning, Twosey and Peebee and Iris and Screamer were captured and ready to be taken to their new home at Kualoa’s Hakipuu Education Center.

“They’ll be living here where they have access to two different streams, a pond, plenty of food and other animals that they will interact with eventually,” said Alan Shepard, one of the tour guides of Hakipuu Education Center.

Their new neighbors are Pikachu the llama, Maggie the donkey, Makana the cow and a handful of other rescued wildlife. The center focuses educating island keiki about animals.

Cook was there when the geese were let out of their cages to explore their new home. She said she had mixed emotions.

“I’m so sad that we won’t have them to love on every day, but I’m so grateful that they have a new forever home…It’s beautiful. This is a spectacular location it’s pristine I just can’t imagine a better place,” said Cook.

Kualoa’s Hakipuu Education Center offers educational tours four days a week.

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