HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to Maui County, the brush fire that broke out yesterday in Kaanapali is 90% contained and no injuries or structure damage was reported.

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Yesterdays’ brush fire in Kaanapali does not compare to the devastation in Lahaina, but many people are on edge — the thought of another fire is the last thing people need right now.

Sirens were going off to tell Kaanapali residents a fire was moving closer to them.

“My first priority was to get everybody safely off the property and so I just raced down there and evacuated everybody,” said Karl Reul, the general manager of Kaanapali Golf Course.

The brush fire burned at least seven acres, prompting evacuations of nearby homes.

“We then started hearing the sirens and you can see behind us this is how close we came to the golf course the smoke was coming straight to the club house,” continued Reul.

People displaced by the Lahaina fires were having to run from the flames once again.

Wind conditions allowed firefighters to battle the fire from the air and ground.

“Obviously this area is windy and yesterday was no exception the winds were an impact but luckily they were not how they how they were in the previous tragedy,” said Joint Information Center’s Public Information Officer, John Heggie.

The Emergency Operations Center sounded the sirens and sent an emergency message telling residents to evacuate and not delay.

“Obviously with in light of what’s happened here in Maui all options are being exercised and use of those sirens was an option just to get people alerted that there’s an emergency in the area,” Heggie added.

County emergency officials are reminding the public we are still in fire season– and encouraging residents to sign up for alerts from the Maui Emergency Management Agency.

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