HONOLULU (KHON2) — Jurors in the Stephen Brown murder case have not decided yet on whether he should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. A hearing was held on Monday, Jan. 23 to determine Brown’s fate.

The main question for the jury was whether Brown will be a danger to the community if he’s released on parole. His attorney called on Dr. Martin Blinder, a forensic psychiatrist, who testified by Zoom that those who commit serious crimes are unlikely to commit them again.

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“People who commit this kind of crime, for example, of the crime that Mr. Brown has been convicted of, we never hear from them again once they’re back in society, almost never,” said Blinder.

He adds that Brown is even less likely to commit a crime again because he has converted to Christianity.

“This guy, it’s from his heart; and I think that’s the best vaccination we can give a criminal, especially if they’ve committed a terrible crime,” said Blinder.

Under cross examination, the prosecutor pointed out some of Blinder’s observations when he examined Brown.

“Did you also write, ‘The individual responsible for the decedent’s death is more psychiatrically disturbed than I had first appreciated,’ did you write that?” asked Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell.
“Yes,” said Blinder.

In his closing argument Bell also pointed to the evidence already presented in the trial.

“I remind you of the horrific nature of the crimes for which you have found him guilty. The prosecution did not recount the details for you at this point because it was done so last week,” said Bell.

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On Tuesday, the jury voted in favor of extended sentencing on all four charges.

As for Hailey Dandurand who’s also charged with Telma Boinville’s murder, her trial is scheduled for July.