Jury in Kealoha trial has seen all the evidence, closing arguments next

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Jurors for the Kealoha trial have seen and heard all the evidence from both sides.

Up next, closing arguments on Tuesday before they deliberate to come up with a verdict.

During Thursday’s hearing, prosecutors wanted to show that attorney Kevin Sumida, who testified for the defense, lied while he was on the stand. When prosecutors asked him if he had looked at his records during recess, Sumida said no.

But there’s video of him inside the courtroom flipping through the pages during the break, which was shown to the jury.

Attorneys are set to meet with the judge Friday to finalize jury instructions and will then prepare for closing arguments. 

Legal expert Doug Chin says prosecutors will have to walk the jurors through every piece of key evidence, as they try to prove all five defendants conspired to frame Gerard Puana for the alleged mailbox theft.  Chin points out that prosecutors will have to rely on circumstantial evidence.

“There is no videotape there, there is no eyewitness to say everybody got together and they formed a conspiracy. But just because that’s the case, that doesn’t mean that the prosecutors still aren’t able to still put everything together,” said Chin.

He says conspiracy cases are difficult to prove. Closing arguments will be critical for prosecutors to show that the evidence is strong enough for a guilty verdict.

“This really explains why they were walking through so many different false transactions or false names, or just the different ways that money was moving around the different accounts because that’s circumstantial evidence. And it’s gonna be those types of evidence that the prosecutors are gonna use to be able to connect it all together to try to find the defendants guilty,” Chin said.

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