HONOLULU (KHON2) — Closing arguments were held on Thursday in the murder trial of Stephen Brown. The prosecutor made the point of saying that Brown lied when he testified. While Brown’s attorney tried to poke holes in the prosecutor’s theory of what happened.

Brown testified on Tuesday that he and his then girlfriend Hailey Dandurand tied up Telma Boinville at a North Shore beach house and that he stepped outside for about ten minutes and came back to find that Boinville had been killed.

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In his closing argument on Thursday, Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell said it’s not possible because Boinville had defensive injuries on her hands, meaning she fought back, which is not possible if her hands were tied behind her back. Bell added Brown’s testimony that Boinville told them that her eight-year-old child was sitting in her truck outside doesn’t make sense.

“No parent would possibly allow themselves to be bound in the manner that she was and then tell her knife-wielding assailant that their child was outside,” said Bell.

He added that when the couple was arrested, there was blood on Brown’s clothes on shoes. Yet that wasn’t the case with Dandurand.

“What does the evidence show? No blood on her hoodie, no blood on her shorts, no blood on her sandals,” said Bell.

Defense Attorney William Bagasol pointed out that if Brown did the killing there would be more blood on him, which would have then been found on Boinville’s daughter, because Brown carried her from the truck to the bedroom.

“This evidence alone, or the lack of evidence, disputes the prosecutor’s theory that he was the chopper, he was the one using the machete,” said Bagasol.

Bagasol also tried to discredit the child’s testimony. She testified that the boy with the green hair, meaning Brown, told her, “We killed your mother.”

“The point is memories fade over time, things change, statements change. When she testified on March 5, 2021 in court, she said, yeah, sometimes I get confused,” said Bagasol.

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Dandurand is scheduled to go on trial in July facing the same charges of murder, kidnapping and burglary.